What to do after engineering? Best career options after engineering.

What to do after Engineering? Career options after Engineering.

If you have recently graduated or are in the final year of your Engineering degree program. Students begin to consider what they should do after completing their B.E./B. Tech. and which option is the best. If you’re wondering how many possibilities are accessible after engineering, keep reading. So you’ve arrived at the correct article.

What to do after engineering

Many students have different life plans and future ambitions, however, many students are unaware of the various opportunities they are missing out on.

In today’s world, opportunities are expanding, and you have a variety of options for advancing your career. As we all know, technology is continuously evolving, and the future will be determined by skill. It will be tough to survive in the future if you do not develop your skill. To improve your performance, you must select the ideal opportunities.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest career choices available after BTech/B.E that will help you grow.

The things you can do after engineering are as follows below:

1)  Higher Studies

You can do post-graduation after you have completed your graduation. After engineering, this is one of the best career options available. You can begin studying for the GATE Exam for PG programs.

higher studies after engineering

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a test that assesses a student’s knowledge in a variety of undergraduate subjects. You will be admitted to institutions based on your Gate score. As a result, you must obtain a fantastic grade in order to explore the best institutions or universities (IITs and NITs) for MTech. After BTech, MTech is one of the most popular courses.

JAM Exam is another choice if you are not going to take the GATE exam and wish to learn more about engineering. JAM (Joint Admission Test for Masters) has been held by the Indian Institute of Science since 2004. You can enroll in Integrated Master’s Science courses to do engineering research.

Many people do short-term courses or diploma courses following BTech if they are not interested in both of these Exams.

 The following are some of the advantages of certification courses:

  • Knowledge with relevant skills.
  • Enhance your Career.
  • Grow in your Interest Zone (Such as Web designing, Web development, etc.)
  • Balance your Lifestyle(career and income)
  • Cheaper courses and easy on your pocket(Courses such as App Development, Digital Marketing, etc.)
  • Practical skills in various fields.
  • Short courses but long term benefits.

2)  Jobs after BTech/BE

In engineering, jobs tend to be more in the technical field. In the private sector, finding a new job is easy.

Campus placement is one of the better options when it comes to jobs after BTech. You are not required to visit a corporate location, schedule an appointment, apply for a position, and wait for a response from the company. It’s as simple as the student being qualified for the company and being hired after a successful interview. Campus placement is old but it is always a top choice.

jobs after engineering

If you are not eligible for this option or if a different circumstance occurs. So you can take short courses to improve your portfolio or learn job-related courses to find work. Another alternative is to apply wherever you are eligible after finishing engineering and begin doing job interviews.

If you’re heading to an interview, keep the following in mind:

  • Impressive resume.
  • Dress well and smell good.
  • Always do the homework of a company.
  • Be positive and keep calm.
  • Avoid technical words with an interviewer.
  • Be confident whatever the conversation is going.
  • Speak briefly and to the point.
  • Body postures and gestures.

Engineering, as we all know, is a large profession with many different sorts of specialist Engineering job profiles.

Following is a list of common engineering job titles:

Career Opportunities / Job after B.Tech 
Computer Science Engineer Mining Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Ceramic Engineer
Civil Engineer Production Engineer
Automobile Engineer Robotics Engineer
Chemical Engineer Electronics & Communication Engineer
Electrical Engineer Lecturer/Professor
Electronics Engineer Software Develop
Aeronautical Engineer Product Manager
Marine Engineer Construction Engineer
Aerospace Engineer Telecommunication Engineer

3)  Study abroad

Many students desire to study abroad to improve their lives. One of the most useful experiences for a student is to study abroad. It is no secret that foreign colleges have more advanced facilities than we do. If you want to explore the world and improve your personal development for a bright future this option is for you.

foreign studies

 Studying in a foreign country allows you to gain a deeper grasp of what is going on in the world. What direction is technology taking, and what inventions will emerge soon? Even if we now have fast Internet and all knowledge is available on the Internet, international studies are still beneficial in a variety of ways.

There are numerous scholarships available for international study that provide full or partial funding. To begin, you must conduct research on colleges, compile a list of colleges, select a country, and begin preparing and applying.

Different exams were conducted for international studies, such as:

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • SAT
  • MCAT and LSAT

The above exams are entrance exams that you must pass. You will be admitted to the relevant college based on your entrance test score.

Advantages of foreign studies

  • To see the what world is doing.
  • Different styles of education
  • Take in a new culture.
  • Improve your Language Skills.
  • Career Opportunities.
  • Find New Interests.
  • Make new Friends.
  • Personal Development.
  • Life Experience
Top 10 Universities in the World

According to the QS World University Rankings 2022 

Rank   University   Location 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  United States 
University of Oxford  United Kingdom 
=3  Stanford University  United States  
=3  University of Cambridge  United Kingdom  
Harvard University  United States 
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)  United States 
Imperial College London  United Kingdom  
=8  ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)  Switzerland 
=8  UCL (University College London)  United Kingdom  
10  University of Chicago  United States

4)  Do MBA

After BTech, MBA is one of the most popular courses in India. If B.Tech isn’t your first option, you can now choose Management courses that demand less technical abilities. It’s time to brush up on your management abilities to advance your career.

After BTech, management is one of the most popular courses in India. Because of its prominence, it also provides you with high-paying jobs. Companies are looking for candidates with management expertise. HR, Investment Banker, Financial Manager, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales, International Relations, and a variety of other positions are available. In the eyes of recruiters, a BTech and MBA combination is a wonderful decision because such a combination is in high demand.


If you are serious about pursuing an MBA, you must pass the CAT Entrance Exam. The Common Admission Test (CAT) is an entrance exam that allows you to apply to top-tier institutes such as IIM and other prestigious institutions.

XAT (Xavier’s), NMAT, CMAT, IRMA, SNAP, IBSAT, TISS, and other entrance exams are also good.

You will be hired as a manager after completing a management program. This is the finest way to climb quickly in the private sector.

MBA courses – Executive MBA/ PGDM, Distance MBA, MBA/ PGDM,  Online MBA, Part-Time MBA, etc.

Benefits of doing MBA :

  • High Salaries
  • Network of successful peers.
  • Develop Management Skills
  • Build personal credibility and brand
  • Global Exposure
  • Develop personality and soft skills
  • Entrepreneurial skill development
  • Build industry connect
  • Improving communication skills

Popular Specializations

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • IT and Systems
  • International Business
  • Operations
  • Healthcare and Hospital
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain
  • Entrepreneurship

5) Entrepreneurship and Startups

Everyone nowadays wants to be their own boss. The flow of entrepreneurship is expanding every day, and every year, a large number of people become entrepreneurs, motivating others. The main advantage to become an entrepreneur is you have freedom in your hand.

There was a time when no one wanted to be an entrepreneur; they just wanted to finish their studies and get a job. No one considers entrepreneurship since society tells us to finish our school with a good grade and find a job.

Entrepreneurship and startups

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers who identify and solve problems. Entrepreneurs are those who perceive a problem and solve it.

Starting a business is an art in which you must think like a leader and work as a leader, even in the most difficult of situations. You must also believe in yourself.

Building a business requires discipline; it may appear simple at first, but maintaining discipline consistently is difficult. If you become a successful entrepreneur, you will not only improve your life, but you will also provide jobs for a large number of people.

Some of the key factors you have to keep in mind for Entrepreneurship

  • Self-motivation
  • Managerial skills
  • Working with a vision and passion
  • Self-confident
  • A risk-taker
  • Good networking
  • Leadership qualities
  • Customer-centric mindset
  • Competitive attitude

Benefits of Entrepreneurship:

  • You are your Boss
  • Freedom
  • Flexibility in schedule
  • Getting to learn new things
  • Building money for oneself and related businesses
  • Improves the Standard of Living
  • Assists people in starting businesses and finding jobs
  • Developing the Economy
  • Innovating something
  • Creating social Impact

6)  Civil Services

Many Indian parents have a secret ambition for their children to serve the country. If you are one of the many people who are dissatisfied with the existing system and wish to switch to a better one. So after BTech, this will be your option. It’s a fantastic choice after BTech; you’ll be proud of yourself and your parents will be happy with you.

Civil Services

To get into the civil service, you must pass the UPSC civil services exam. Without a doubt, the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Exam is one of the most difficult Exams in the world. Every year, about 1 million students apply for this exam, with just a few thousand candidates being chosen for the ultimate post. Before applying for this exam, you need to study the UPSC pattern for at least 6 to 12 months. Experts agree that planning forward a year is the best option.

UPSC Exam is divided into three Stages or Test

  1. Preliminary Examination – Every year in June, this event is held. The results will be released in August.
  2. Mains Exams – Every year in October, this event is held. In January, the results will be announced.
  3. Personality Test (Interview) – This event takes place in March. In most cases, the final results are announced in May.
 Selected candidates are usually trained in September. 
If you rank well in the UPSC Exam, you will be considered for prestigious positions such as IPS, IAS, or IFS.

The Eligibility criteria of UPSC are as follow:

  • Must be an Indian Citizen.
  • Must have a degree.
  • Minimum 21 years of age.

7)  Join the Defense – Serve the Nation

If you are a patriot and a supporter of the armed forces. After Engineering, this will be an excellent decision. In the technological wings of the Indian Armed Forces, there are numerous options.

Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and Indian Army are the three wings of the armed forces. As an Engineering graduate, you will have opportunities in all three forces, which sounds promising. Defense careers are regarded as the most respectable. You will receive numerous government advantages in addition to a high income.

Armed Forces

To enter the military, you must pass exams such as the SSC, AFCAT SNAES, and others.

Indian Navy Force – SNAES (Special Naval Architects Entry Scheme) Entry scheme.

India Air Force – AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) Entry Scheme.

Indian Army – TGC (Technical Graduate Course) and UES(University Entry Scheme).

 Reasons to Join Defense Services

  • Personal Satisfaction and Pride
  • Prestige and Respect.
  • Personal Advancement.
  • Variety and Adventure.
  • Job Security and Economic Stability.
  • Facilities for Entire Family.
  • Postretirement Benefits.
  • Physical Fitness.

8)Become an Expert and start teaching

 For the last 3 to 5 years, the digital industry has been booming, and it is on the verge of breaking through all of its barriers in the next 5 years. Now it is easy to access anything from anywhere in the world. The demand for teachers is also increasing and teachers actually making 1000’s rupees per day. Teaching has always been an excellent option, but it is now even more profitable because you can teach from the comfort of your own home, thanks to digital technology.

Start Teaching

If you are skilled in a particular area or have completed some training courses. You can begin teaching and earn thousands of rupees, and you may decide to pursue this as a full-time job. So many teachers began doing this as a side hustle and eventually turned it into a full-time job.

Free Platforms for Teaching Online

  • Udemy
  • RCampus
  • Learnopia
  • Peer 2 Peer University
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Thinkific

Teachers that want to instruct students can use these platforms for free. You can also generate money using these platforms because they have a huge and targeted audience. You can also build a YouTube channel, teach, and earn money by doing so.

9)  Look for Internships

If you have a choice for an internship after completing your BTech, you can begin with private companies that provide internship programs. If you’re wondering what an internship is and why it’s useful, read on.

Internship programs

Let’s get this straight:

  • First and foremost, internships are not training programs.
  • It is provided by private companies who hire persons who are interested in the same profession.
  • Assist you in honing your talents.
  • Provide you with relevant work experience.
  • Prepare you to build a work-life balance.
  • It is either a part-time or full-time job.

There was a time when people don’t know about the Internship. If there is any company is offering internships, the Candidate doesn’t know where to grab those opportunities.

If you are one of those who don’t know where to find Internships, below we listed some websites you can refer to:

  • Internshala
  • LinkedIn
  • StuMagz
  • Twenty19
  • LetsIntern
  • InternWorld
  • Youth4Work
  • HelloIntern
  • FreshersWorld

10)  Certification courses

Knowledge is limited and Imagination is Infinite but still learning never ends.  You will continue to learn new things from the moment you are born until the day you die. You learn different life lessons at every age and in every situation. If you want to expand your expertise or learn new technologies after you finish your engineering degree. Certification courses are available.

Certification Courses

Certification courses offer a wide range of alternatives. The fundamental benefit of short-term courses is that they are focused. If you enroll in a Blockchain technology certification course, you will not be taught the basics of chemistry.

By completing these short-term courses, you will be able to add some expertise qualifications to your resume. These short-term courses are designed to help you get a job and are mostly focused on improving your skills so that you can add them to your CV.

Popular and best courses for the Future:

  • Data Science.
  • Big Data.
  • Blockchain
  • App Development/ Web Development
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Project Management.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Software Development.

Advantages of Doing Certification Courses

  • Boost Efficiency
  • Increase your Earning Potential
  • Grow Your Knowledge and Skills.
  • Establish Professional Credibility.
  • Realize a Competitive Advantage
  • Cost-Effective and Time Saving
  • Best Career Opportunities in the Job Market
  • A Lifelong Development

11)   You can Land into your passion

If nothing else appeals to you, your first and last option is to pursue your passion, which you may start doing now. If you enjoy dancing, singing, music, writing, photography, and so on, this is the time to be. It’s also a great option for a lot of people. Many people have proven that they turned their passion into a career after graduating from engineering and have gone on to be successful in life.

Passion For life

You’re in tremendous trouble if your mind and heart want completely different things. So, follow your heart’s direction. In the future, you will have a pleasant life.

Congratulations for not being in the rat race, but keep in mind that picking your passion is a difficult decision. If you follow your passion, you will always have a challenging life, from highs to lows.

Benefits of choosing a career you love

  • Career Growth
  • Being Passionate About Work
  • Motivation
  • Better Health
  • Pleasure in the Work Environment
  • Fulfillment
  • Freedom and Happiness

Q & A

Which course is best after engineering?

Ans. Following is a list of the most popular courses available following engineering:

 1) MTech


3) Entrepreneurship courses

4) Web Designing/Development courses.

5)Game Designing Courses.

6)International Studies.

7)Merchant Navy Courses.

8)Programming courses
9)MSC or MS.


 How can I change my field after engineering?

Ans. Yes, if you are good at anything, you can change fields. For example, many engineers have gone on to become dancers, cricketers, writers, singers, etc.

And also No, because some individuals destroy their dreams and refuse to take risks in their lives.

Can I do medical after engineering?

Ans. Whether you have a BTech degree or have graduated from another profession. Even after graduation, you have the option to change careers. If you choose to pursue MBBS after completing your engineering degree, all you need to do now is pass the entrance exam and your adventure will begin. The only thing that matters is that your batchmate is younger than you.

Do engineers get paid more than doctors?

Ans. It depends on your current profile position. For example, if a surgeon owns a hospital, he or she is a specialist in a specific field and hence earns more money. Engineers who work for top-tier corporations or own their startups earn greater money. No comparison, Engineers, and doctors both earn a good amount of money.

Which engineering has the highest salary?

Ans. It makes no difference in whatever company you work for or what position you hold. The following is a list of Engineering jobs with the highest pay:

1)Petroleum Engineer

2)Aerospace Engineer

3)Electrical Engineer

4)Computer Engineer

5)Nuclear Engineer

6)Chemical Engineer

7)Environmental Engineer

8)Data Engineer

9)Biomedical Engineer

10)Marine Engineer


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