What is wet farming and its importance?


Farming may be done in a variety of ways in the agriculture industry. Wet farming is one of the methods that are heavily reliant on rain.

Water is always accessible throughout the year in those areas where wet farming is a viable option. It is carried out on alluvial soil with an average rainfall of above 200cm.

Importance of wet farming:

In wet farming more than one crop will be grown due to moisture is available in the soil in enough amount. Wet farming is essential for survival as well as the future generation.

Wet farming in India: 

Wet farming

Wet farming is done in India the North, North-Eastern, and Eastern India, as well as the Western slopes of the Western Ghats, are known for this style of cultivation. West Bengal, Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram, and the Malabar Coast are all part of this.

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Wetland farming:

The wetlands have been used in the field of agriculture for thousands of years. Agricultural productivity, safe drinking water, soil protection, and nutrient absorption are just a few of the vital ecological services they provide. In many areas of India, wetland agriculture were take place.

wet land farming

Benefits of wetland:

1. Reduce the probability for salt and acid sulphates lands through supporting good soil, reduce soil erosion, and retaining sedimentation and minerals.

2. Offer an environment for useable living species by supporting aquaculture or livestock.

3. supply cattle with drinkable water

4. offer shelter, weather protection, flood defences, and wildlife habitat

5. lumber, animal feed, salt, peat, and firewood are some of the basic materials available.

6. serve as natural cleaners in the purification of polluted water

7. aid with drought tolerance, which is a major issue for farmers across most of Australia.

Wet land crops list:








Characteristics of Wet Farming:

  • In places with alluvial soils, wet farming is performed.
  • The average yearly rainfall is above 200cm.
  • The major crops grown in this style of farming are rice and jute.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Farming:

Advantages of wet farming:

  • The agricultural output is quite high.
  • It aids the farmer’s oversight and observation of the land, as well as the protection of the land from hazardous wild animals.

Disadvantages of wet farming:

  • The catastrophe comes when the floods are severe enough to damage the rice harvest.
  • The monsoon rains ‘fail,’ resulting in the death of the rice harvest.

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Difference between dry farming and wet farming:

Dry Farming

Wet Farming

1. Dry farming is a type of farming that takes place in areas with less than 75 cm of yearly rainfall. 1. Wet farming refers to cultivation that takes place in areas with an average rainfall of greater than 75 cm.
2. Dry farming is a kind of agriculture in which humidity is controlled by growing a specific crop 2. Wet farming is a type of agriculture that relies heavily on rain.
3. In arid regions of the nation, including such Rural West India, this is done. 3. This form of farming is common in Northern, Southeast, and Eastern India, as well as the Western Ghats’ Western slopes.
4. The major crops are gramme and beans. 4. Major crops include rice, jute, sugar cane, and others.

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Q and A:

Wet farming is practised in which state of India?

Ans:- Wet farming is primarily used in India. Kerala is followed by Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka in the state rankings.

Which region has the most farming?

Ans:- In 2021, Texas, Missouri, and Iowa had the most farms in the United States.

Which country has the most farms?

Ans:- The United States, Russia, China, and Brazil, together with India, have the most arable land on the planet.


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