UPSC Toppers Secrets to Make Comprehensive Notes

The great thing about the digital world is that we can access tons of information within seconds just at our fingertips. But in the case of UPSC too much information (Precisely Irrelevant Information) can be a sword that cuts its own master. The syllabus of UPSC is very vast; if you choose the wrong path of reading and studying every random study material- It might turn out to be very lethal. Moreover, what you can study and what you can retain are two different things. That’s why it is always advisable to stick to the UPSC Syllabus during the preparation days.

UPSC Toppers Secrets to Make Comprehensive Notes

And, making your own notes can be the solution which you were looking for. Most of the UPSC Toppers strictly suggest making one’s own notes. Notes are really helpful before the exam days for quick revision and also contain the most important and relevant information. So, here are the topper’s secrets to making the most relevant Notes.

How to Make UPSC Notes like Toppers?

Note making is like an art where you have to decide what goes in your notes and whatnot. It is very important to follow a well-planned structure for making notes. Here are a few strategies that will help you in creating your Master Notes for UPSC Preparation.

First Complete Reading :

It is very deeply advisable to not make notes on the first go. Instead of just jotting down the information in the first go, try to complete reading a topic first. For instance, if you are making NCERT Geography Notes for UPSC. First, read the complete topic which will help you to understand the essence of the topic. It will also help you to analyze the important highlights and information of the topics and then in the second reading create your notes. So, first read a topic completely, then analyze and then decide what to include in your notes and whatnot.

Use important information in Bullet Points:

Your aim should be to create crisp and brief notes without compromising the content of your notes. Using short sentences and bullet points will not only make your notes smaller in length but also will be more attractive and easy to understand. Creating brief notes becomes a necessity as once you are done writing them and start revision- Long notes might seem burdensome whereas short notes will give you confidence. So, try using bullet points to jot down your notes, it will also help in retaining during the examination.

If possible Go Digital:

In case you are a bit tech-savvy, choose digital notes over the traditional notes-making methods. The digital form of notes might seem hectic at the first glance but they can be easily updated and edited. For instance, if you are making NCERT Art & Culture Notes for UPSC, choosing a digital form of notes can be more beneficial than traditional notes. Since art and culture is a very diverse and dynamic topic, you might need to timely add and remove content from various topics. All that can be done easily in digital notes but in the case of traditional notes, you might have a great difficulty updating them.

Use Diagrams or Flowcharts:

Many studies have revealed that pictorial and visual form of content is easier to remember and recall. Also, you don’t want your notes to look like a plaintiff that you start hating. So, wherever possible try to use diagrams or flowcharts to connect information or topics. It will also help you in understanding topics to great depths. For subjects like Geography, and politics, notes making through visual representation can be really helpful.

Your handwritten notes in many ways affect your results, the better they are the better will be your chances of selection. Moreover, your writing skills used in notes making will help you in the descriptive writing in the later stages of the examinations.



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