Entrance Exams After 10th in 2021

This article covers all the Entrance & Scholarship Exams that are conducted after 10th. If you are searching for those exams after 10th, then this article is for you.

Entrance Exams After 10th : Most people don’t know that number of entrance and scholarship exams in India are conducted not only after the 12th even after the 10th. 10th passed students can appear for the competitive exams mentioned below to get the benefits of these exams.

Entrance Exam after 10th


Those who don’t want to take a long route after scoring in 10th. Can go for the available Entrance & Scholarship exams. As, these exams open up doors to particular Integrated courses, which can benefits students to kickstart their career at the early stage of life. Taking this route after 10th can save some of your years.

This is a common question among students:

What is the Entrance Exam?

The answer is simple, to check the student’s knowledge, Interest and intelligence.

Why do we want to give these entrance exams to get the benefits or best college if I score an A+ in 10th or 12th grade?

Entrance Exams play a very important role in Indian Education System or the Education system in General. The basic aim of these entrances is to check the interest and whether the student is eligible for a particular course or not.

Entrance Exam,Olympaid Exams,Scholarship Exams

To simplify this process let’s take an example; if a person going for an interview for a lecturer post, he/she need to crack that interview to get eligible for that post. The same process applies in the case of entrance exams.

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Following is the information about the Entrance, Scholarship, and Olympiad Exams.

Entrance & Competitive Exams after 10th in 2021:

1) Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY):

Started by the Department of Science and Technology i.e., “DST” (under Government of India) in the year 1999. The KVPY program was started mainly for the students studying basic science, with the motive of encouraging them towards a research career in the field of Science.

This exam gives you an opportunity to enroll yourself in an integrated course which is of 5 years. KVPY fellows also offered fellowship upto pre doctorate or research work.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Application fee: 1000 INR for general category & 500 INR for SC/ST/PWD.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
  •   10th pass
  •  11th & 12th
Hindi & English 100 marks 3 hours Admission in 5 years Integrated MS course in IISER (Indian Institutes of Science Education & Research)

2) Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing (ASSET):

ASSET exam is conducted annually by a private company named “Educational Initiative”. The company works in the field of educational advancement.

ASSET is an Olympiad exam to test a student’s ability and conceptual understanding. This exam helps them to overcome fear towards a particular subject at the school level. The exam also helps in observing students’ strengths and weaknesses. It is organized on different levels such as; school level, regional level, national level, and international level. The core subjects for the exam include Science, Math, & English.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Application fee: 1800 INR

Eligibility Medium Duration Purpose
 3rd to 10th class students English 45 mins to 1 hour 10 mins. To test the knowledge skills of students.

3) National Talent Search Examination (NTSE):

National Council of Educational Research and Training i.e., “NCERT” started NTSE in the year 1963. The main goal of conducting this exam is to search for talented students and provide a platform to nurture that talent and also grant scholarships for further studies.

This is a national-level exam available only for students studying in 10th. The exam is conducted annually in 2 stages. Students need to clear 1st stage to get eligible for the stage 2 exam. 1st stage exam is on the state-level conducted in all the Indian states.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
 10th class
  • Hindi, English, and in every regional language in India (Stage 1)
  • English & Hindi (Stage 2)
  • MAT (100 M)
  •  SAT (100 M)
120 mins (2 hours) For granting Scholarship by NCERT

4) National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE):

National Level Talent Search Examination i.e., “NSTSE” was started in the year 2005 by Unified Council (established by some renowned Indian and international personalities from different fields in the year 1998).

This exam focuses on improving students thinking ability by encouraging them to understand concepts instead of ranking them on their memorizing capacity.

NSTSE is specially designed to test and help students in improving their educational performance and learning skill on the whole. The exam is affordable to all students. The syllabus is mostly based on CBSE.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Application fee: 300 INR

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
Class 1 to 12 students English
  •  50 (class 2)
  •  75 (class 3)
  • 100 (class 4 to 12)
90 mins (1 ½ hours) Measure the knowledge & skills of students towards science field

5) International Maths Olympiad (IMO):

IMO is an international level mathematics competition organized every year. High school students are eligible for this competition. Romania hosted the very first IMO competition in the year 1959. It was a prestigious competition and students from all around the world compete in a team of six.

Topics such as algebra, pre-calculus, complex & projective geometry, number theory, combinatorics, and functional equation, etc., are covered.

The competition demand students from a non-tertiary institution and must be under the age of 20.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Application fee: 125 INR

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
Class 1 to 12 English 1st level

Class 1 to 4 (50 M)

Class 5 to 12 (60 M)

2nd level

Class 3 to 4 (40 M)

Class 5 to 12 (60 M)

 1 hour (Level 1 & 2) To test their mathematics skills and knowledge

6) National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

Every year the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF established by Mahabir Singh in the year 1996) conducts National Cyber Olympiad i.e., “NCO”. It is one of the popular competitive exams under SOF. This exam offers students a platform to showcase their IT talent and encourages them to have a career as a scientist.

NCO is an online exam that also gives science students an opportunity to win various scholarships for further studies.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Exam fee: 125 INR.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
 Class 1 to 12 English 60 marks for class 1 to 12 1 hour Encourage students to gain knowledge about computers & IT field.

7) Indian National Olympiad (INO)

HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education) organizes the INO every year. It is a 2nd stage exam that students have to clear to get eligible for the International Science Olympiad. INO is being conducted in around 18 centres all over India. The exam is conducted for pre-university students. The exam is basically a process of building a team for the ISO (International Science Olympiad).

Your school needs to be an NSE (National Standard Examination) centre to pay the fees directly for the competition. If not then you need to find the NSE registered centres to apply for the exam. The syllabus is of CBSE level.

Students have an option of selecting a particular subject for the exam from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, & Junior Science.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Exam fee: 100 to 150 INR for each subject.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
10th & 12th English 100 marks

(distribution of marks is different for different subject)

4 hours 30 mins Prepare students for International Science Olympiad

8) International English Olympiad (IEO):

Every year the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) conducts the International English Olympiad i.e., “IEO”. It is one of the popular competitive exams under SOF. This exam allows students to test their knowledge about the English language and how strong is their English grammar.

Students need to clear the school, city, and regional level competition before qualifying for the international level i.e., IEO. Scholarships upto 1 lakh are offered in Olympiad competitions.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Exam fee: 125 INR.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
 Class 1 to 12 English
  • Class 1 to 4 (40 M)
  • Class 5 to 12 (60 M)
1 hour Students test their knowledge of English language & grammar

9) National Biotechnology Olympiad (NBO):

The National Biotechnology Olympiad was an initiative by EHF (Edu Heal Foundation) and it is conducted every year. The main focus of the exam is to create awareness about the field of Biotechnology among youngsters. NBO aims at attracting students towards biotech and educate them about its importance & scope in near future.

Exam Pattern: OMR (Optical Mark Reading or Optical Mark Recognition)

Exam fee: 125 INR.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
Class 1 to 12 English 40 marks 30 mins To aware students of the field of biotechnology

10) National Science Olympiad (NSO):

NSO was the very first Olympiad organized by Science Olympiad Foundation in the year 1996. It is a 2-level exam conducted annually by SOF. It is affiliated with British Council and CBSE.

Students from class 1st to 12th are eligible to compete in the National Science Olympiad.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Exam fee: 125 INR.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
  •  Class 1 to 12 (for level 1)
  • Students who cleared level 1 (for level 2)
  •  Class 1 to 4 (40 M)
  •  Class 5 to 12 (60 M)
1 hour
  •  To cultivate logical ability & scientific temper in students
  •  Granting scholarship

11) International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO):

International Geoscience Education Organization i.e., “IGEO” started the International Earth Science Olympiad. Primarily Korean earth scientists proposed and formulated the idea of this Olympiad and later in 2007, the first IESO was organized in Korea.

The main aim of the competition is to aware and encourage students toward earth science. The competition is supported by MoES i.e., the Ministry of Earth Science (Govt. of India). Secondary school students are eligible for the competition, IGEO selects the Indian team for IESO through tests like;

  1. National level Entrance Test
  2. Training Camp in Indian National Earth Science Olympiad
  • Training Camp before departure

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Exam fee: 150 INR.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
Less than 18 years of age (9th, 10th & 11th) English Written & practical test (100 marks eah) 1 hour 30 mins To aware students of the importance of earth science

12) Indian Army Soldier Recruitment (IASR):

The army recruitment drive is conducted every year by the INDIAN ARMY. Students after completing 10th/12th can apply for the exam. You can join the Indian Army as a soldier after 10th by clearing IASR.

There is a written exam and interview conducted in the process of selection. After joining you can move to higher ranks by appearing in the exams conducted internally by the Indian Army.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
 10th & 12th English 100 marks 1 hour For the post of soldier

13) State-Wise Polytechnic Admission Exam:

Those who have completed their 10th can apply for this exam. This exam is organized by each state in India for the technical training diploma course. After clearing the exam, you become eligible for a particular technical training course of your choice.

After completing the diploma, you can apply for a degree course by skipping the early 2 years of the UG course. As students are already equipped with practical training knowledge during diploma courses, it benefits them in clearing UG courses smoothly.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
10th pass English & Hindi
  •  100 questions carrying 4 marks each
  • 1 mark deducted for every wrong answer
150 mins (2 hours 30 mins) For the admission to Polytechnic

14) Indian Navy Matric Recruitment:

This recruitment drive was conducted by INDIAN NAVY for students who have completed their 10th. 12th pass students can also apply for the Indian navy Matric Recruitment or MR recruitment exam. MR recruits then allotted duties like serving food, accounting fund, housekeeping, etc.,

MR recruits also trained in firearms and play an important role in running the organization.

Exam Pattern: MCQ’s

Exam fee: 215 INR.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
 10th & 12th English & Hindi 50 marks 30 mins For the post of MR (Steward)

15) First Year Junior College (FYJC):

First Year Junior College which is also known as FYJC and organized by Maharashtra State Board every year for admitting students in junior colleges i.e., 11th & 12th. It is an online exam to get admission in the available 4 streams; HSVC, Science, Commerce, & Arts.

Students need to pass 10th before applying for FYJC.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
 10th pass English
  • 2-unit test 50 marks each
  • Term exam 100 marks
  • Annual exam 100 marks
  • 1 hour for unit test
  • 2 hours for the term and annual exams
For admission in junior colleges


TSRJC CET i.e., Telangana Residential Junior Colleges Common Entrance Test is mainly conducted for the admission process in government junior colleges of Telangana State.

Students from every category apply for the entrance test. The entrance test is for admission in the available 35 TSRJC’s (Telangana Residential Junior Colleges) 20 for girls and 15 for boys.

Exam Pattern: OMR (Optical Mark Reading or Optical Mark Recognition)

Exam fee: 200 INR.

Eligibility Medium Total Marks Duration Purpose
 10th pass English 150 marks 2 hours 30 mins For the admission in TSRJC’s junior colleges

List of Scholarships for 10th pass students:

Following is the list of several scholarship exams anyone can appear for after completing the 10th standard.

  • NCERT Scholarship
  • Indian Oil Academic Scholarship
  • All India Meritorious Scholarship
  • CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for Single Girl Child
  • Vidyadhan Scholarship
  • Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship
  • Nishkam Scholarship Program
  • Saraswati Academy Scholarship
  • National Scholarship Exam
  • Jio Scholarship
  • Post-Matric Scholarship
  • Ryan Merit Cum Means Scholarship
  • NICE (National Institute of Certified Education) Scholarship
  • NEST (Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test) Scholarships
  • Bighelp National Merit Scholarship


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