Difference Between BE and BTech? Which is better be or btech?

What is the difference between BE and BTECH

Engineering is one of the hottest and most popular course after 12th science, and many students study in it. The trend of this course is never get old. Every year 1.5 million students get graduated and only 2.5 Lakh student get job in their field, and rest of the student didn’t get a job due to lack of skills. However, students who have just passed their 12th grade or who are studying engineering have a question in mind. Which course is best for their future BE or BTech?

Difference between be and btech

Which will pay you more? Which have bright future? Can I take admission in BE or BTech? There are lots of questions have in mind but they didn’t get a satisfying answer.

In Simple words, they both are engineering courses while BE stands for bachelor of engineering and BTech stands for Bachelor of technology. One Major difference is BE focuses more on theory while BTech is a skill-oriented program. Both degrees have equal value, you studied from which college is more matters.

Note : After independence, India’s colleges were divided into two categories. Universities that cover colleges such as science, computer, engineering, among others. And then there’s the second, which is entirely dedicated to engineering courses.

In this article we cover all the possibilities which will clear your doubt about the most frequently asked question BE VS BTech.

Similarities between B.E. and B.Tech Degrees

Before discussing the difference between this two, let’s take a look at the similarities to better understand why the question is so popular.

  • Both degree courses have 4 years of duration with 8 semesters.
  • If there are any openings for BTech or BE, they are both eligible for the post.
  • They both follow a semester schedule, with two semesters per year, one semester every six months.
  • Project work is required for both degrees in the final year.
  • Whether you are a mechanical or computer science student, the first year of both degrees has the same curriculum for all branches.
  • Both BE and BTech have a large number of job opportunities in every area, as well as in other countries, and each has its unique set of advantages.
  • Students who desire to pursue engineering as a BE or a BTech must have to qualify Engineering Entrance Exams (National or State Level).

Difference Between BTech and BE

Lets look at some of the key factors which make them different from each other.



BE is Knowledge based programme. BTech is skill based programme.
Industrial visits and internships are essential s(according to college and universities) but not compulsory for BE. Industrial visits and internships are mandatory for BTech.
BE concentrates on theoretical knowledge and fundamentals in order to develop innovative technology. BTech largely focuses on skill-based learning and practical application.
BE course is not frequently updated. BTech course is updated frequently.
In BE approximately 71+ courses are available in India. In BTech approximately 118+ courses are available in India.
Almost all BE streams are available in BTech. No. of BTech streams are not available in BE.
BE is offered at colleges that belong to universities that also offer programs in science, management, computer science, etc. It’s also available at prestigious Institutions such as NIT and IIT.(UG)   BTech is provided at institutions that specialize in engineering courses, such as IITs and NITs. (UG)

Which is Better B.E. or B.Tech?

We’ve gone over a lot of similarities and differences, but we’re still not sure which one is the best for the future. In every condition and scenario, BE and BTech are equals. There is no disadvantage if you choose either BE or BTech.

If you ask any engineering student in India whether they should choose BE or BTech, they will definitely select BTech. Because the craze of BTech is very high and offered by renowned institutions. But the fact is there is no such difference in both the degrees, Some of the top institutes also offer BE. Both provide you the same opportunities in the private, government, and international sectors.

One thought that comes to mind when applying for foreign studies or a VISA is:

Which degree can help me to Grab foreign opportunities BE or BTech?

There is always a place for both degrees when applying for those opportunities because they are considered equally. If you believe that I studied BE and didn’t have the opportunity to study in that college, you are incorrect.


Some of misconceptions still people don’t understand whether it is true or false. Lets clear those doubts!

1)Private Institutes offer B.E and Govt. Institutes offer B.Tech

Ans : The answer is straight No. There are many government institute which offers you BE and many private institute offers you to study BTech

2)Industrial training is not offered in B.E and B.Tech

Ans : Industrial training are mandatory in both degrees.

3)B.E is more valuable than B.Tech or vice versa

Ans : This is completely false. Both be and btech degree is valuable. You cannot decide which one is going to give you more value. Which college you studid is what matters.

Job Opportunities : BE/BTECH graduates

After completing degree program in either BE or BTech. Some students go for masters programs like MBA, MTech, MSc and so on, and some go for a job. Getting a job during a campus is a best option because you don’t need to make an effort.  

Students who are looking to know about which have more job opportunities,  both have vast no. of career opportunities in technical fields. Who have completed successfully their degree get a chance to work in almost any sector in India as well as in Overseas. Both degree give a student equal job opportunities, overseas studies, same entrance exams after graduation and pay-outs. There is not much difference if you have skills.

Types of Job Profiles for BE/BTech Graduates

Computer Science Engineer Mining Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Ceramic Engineer
Civil Engineer Production Engineer
Automobile Engineer Robotics Engineer
Chemical Engineer Electronics & Communication Engineer
Electrical Engineer Lecturer/Professor
Electronics Engineer Software Develop
Aeronautical Engineer Product Manager
Marine Engineer Construction Engineer
Aerospace Engineer Telecommunication Engineer


BE/BTech Best Engineering Colleges in India

Here is the list of top 10 Engineering colleges based on the NIRF India Ranking :

Rank College City State
1 Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai Tamil Nadu
2 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi New Delhi Delhi
3 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Mumbai Maharashtra
4 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
5 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur West Bengal
6 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Roorkee Uttarakhand
7 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Guwahati Assam
8 Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad Hyderabad Telangana
9 National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu
10 Indian Institute of Technology Indore Indore Madhya Pradesh


Which is more Valuable be or BTech?

Ans : There is no difference between BE and BTech. They treat you equally in all conditions and offer you equal importance in all aspects.

Is BTech same as degree?

Ans : Yes, BTech or Bachelor of Technology is a 4 year long degree course.

Who earns more BE Vs BTECH salary?
Ans: According to the survey, there is no significant difference in pay. A tech fresher can expect to earn between 3 and 6 lakhs, while a BE fresher can expect to earn    between 2.5 and 5.5 lakhs. However, it is dependent on the universities you attend, your grades, and your skills matter.

Which is the best course in B.Tech?

Ans :  List of the Top 10 BTech popular course in India:

  1. Computer Science and Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Aeronautical Engineering
  7. Biotechnology Engineering
  8. Chemical Engineerings
  9. Petroleum Engineering
  10. Aerospace Engineering

I hope you now have a better understanding of the most popular debate, be vs. btech. What are the similarities and differences between them, as well as the colleges.  This is one of the most confusingss question. If you do more research on this topic, you will come across the terms BE and BTech. You will become more confused and never satisfied.

But the truth is that there isn’t much of a difference. I hope this article has answered your questions.


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